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Our Vision:

Every child in Washtenaw County enters school ready to succeed.

Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative
1819 S. Wagner Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Phone: 734.994.8100 ext 2177
Fax: 734.994.2203

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Washtenaw Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative is a network of service providers, parents, educators, business leaders and community representatives who work together to provide a single system supporting young children and their parents. Our work includes providing services for parents, training and support for childcare providers, and system help for the agencies and programs working to serve families and young children. This work is supported by the Michigan Department of Education's Office of Great Start and by our four local core sponsors: Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Washtenaw County of Michigan, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation and United Way of Washtenaw County.

Mission: That every child in Washtenaw County enters school ready to succeed.

Vision: To ensure that every Washtenaw County family has access to a comprehensive and collaborative system of community-based early childhood programs, services and supports.

Core Values: The Leadership Commission of Washtenaw Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative is committed to:

  • Decision making based on outcome data and continuous improvement involving families and community partners.
  • A focus on outcomes rather than of agency methods or practices.
  • Mutual respect for the mission, vision, values and capacity of each participating agency.
  • Frequent and sustained communication among participating agencies, funders and community partners.
  • Collaboration, sharing, efficient use of resources and agency methods and best practices.
We Support:
A family-centered approach to delivering services that views the family as an active part of decision making and community services.

Strengthening community services through a holistic rather than a gap filling approach. Effective and user friendly service delivery that is culturally responsive and respectful of differences.

Guiding Documents:


Strategic Plan

Washtenaw Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative is supported by four partner agencies, who contribute funding, support, and leadership to the Executive Committee.

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We are also supported by the participation in our Leadership Commission of a wide range of agencies, parents, funding organizations, and local businesses.

Executive Committee:

Martha Darling

Greg Dill
Washtenaw County

Neel Hajra
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Marj Hyde
Ann Arbor Public Schools

Margy Long
Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative Director

Scott Menzel
Washtenaw ISD

Susan Miller
Birth to 6 Learning Network

Shannon Novara
Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative

Alan Oman
Washtenaw ISD

Vince Price

Pam Smith
United Way of Washtenaw County

Annette Sobocinski
Child Care Network

Colleen Klus-Salisbury
Great Start Parent Coalition



Jeanette Beck
Great Start Parent Coalition

Jeanette Bentham

Great Start Parent Coalition

Barbara Brookens-Harvey
Washtenaw County Community Mental Health

Adelia Clark
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Washtenaw

Jerry Clayton
Washtenaw County Sheriff

Erika Cook
Washtenaw ISD

Linda Edwards-Brown
Washtenaw County Juvenile Court

Louey Guillen
Community Action Network

Jyoti Gupta
Washtenaw Area Council for Children

Vidya Guruprasad
Great Start Parent Coalition

Andrew Hashikawa, MD, MS
Michigan Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Holly Heaviland
Washtenaw ISD

Norman Herbert
Rotary Club of Ann Arbor

JaVon Jason
Washtenaw ISD

Christina Katka
Washtenaw County Public Health

Jodi Krahnke
Ypsilanti District Library

Alicia Kruk
Washtenaw ISD

Andrew LaBarre
A2Y Chamber

Jane Nickert
Washtenaw County Public Health

Josie Parker
Ann Arbor District Library

Patricia Piechowski
Great Start Parent Coalition

Ellen Rabinowitz
Washtenaw County Health Department

Jillian Rosen
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Kate Rosenblum, PhD
University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry

Marilyn Sievert
Community Representative

Deana Smith
Jewish Family Services

Kelly Stupple
Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative, Washtenaw Health Plan

Maria Thomas
University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

Rhonda Weathers
SOS Community Services

Sandy Williams
Foundations Preschool

Katherine Wyatt
Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

Quality Child Care


Great Start to Quality helps parents find the best early learning settings for their children and helps providers and educators improve the care they give to children.

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